Tuesday 7 November

Waihorotiu Room — 7.30 – 8:45

7.30 8.45 Diversity in Tunnelling Breakfast

Frances Badelow, Mott MacDonal's Genearal Manager, is a leader in diversity and inclusion and a senior leader with a prominent role within the Australian civil infrastructure industry.
Frances will be sharing her personal perspectives on diversity in the tunnelling and civil infrastructure industry.
This will be followed by a panel disussion. 
Irene Chan from event sponsor, PSM, will close the session.
Keynote speaker: Frances Badelow

Panelists: Frances Badelow, Charlotte Downs, Craig Wright, Derek Pennington
9:00 9:45 Early Involvement, Procurement and Collaboration: Lessons Learned and Opportunities for Value Creation Tommy Parker, Francois Dudouit, Charles Howarth
9:45 10:30 Safety Deep Dive – City Rail Link and Melbourne Metro Donald Lamont, Rob Mair, David Hake
10:30 11:30 Morning Tea

Kiri Te Kanawa Theatre — 11.30 – 13:00

11:30 13:00 TBM's and Segmental Linings Chair: Yew-Jin Lee,
Co-Chair: Irene Chan
11:30 11:50 The West Gate Tunnel Project: In tunnel civil fit out / back end works John Deady and Sanduni Hewa
11:50 12:10 Comparative assessment of analytical and numerical methods to assess the cracking pressure of semi-pervious linings in pressure tunnels Mahdi Zoorabadi
12:10 12:30 The challenging and fast launch of two EPB TBMs on the Eglinton Crosstown West Extension Dimitri Goudelis
12:30 12:50 Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project - from TBMs to first trains: Building a world-class underground tunnel from concept to completion Andreas Mindt
12:50 13:00 Q&A

Hunua Room — 11.30 – 13:00

11:30 13:00 Excavation and Temporary Support Chair: Priscilla Page,
Co-Chair: Tara Taylor
11:30 11:50 Innovative precast permanent lining for a mined roadheader tunnel Caroline Beirne
11:50 12:10 Cross river rail: Blasting AA2 tunnel under cavern Ben Swinn and Rauf Osterman
12:10 12:30 The permit to tunnel process adopted on Australian Infrastructure Projects Michael Salcher
12:30 12:50 Design of artificial ground freezing for emergency egress niche construction from a large diameter TBM tunnel below a river estuary Anastasios Konstantinou
12:50 13:00 Q&A

Waitākere Room — 11.30 – 13:00

11:30 13:00 Sustainability Chair: Doug Boddy,
Co-Chair: Annalena Chapman
11:30 11:50 Sustainable tools for tunneling roadheaders Björn Claesson and Warren Roach
11:50 12:10 Road tunnel design in the context of the climate action imperative Ben Tuckwell
12:10 12:30 Solid waste utilisation in shotcrete production Xuanyu Zhu
12:30 12:50 City Rail Link case history comparison of embedded carbon of four tunnels Kevin Anderson
12:50 13:00 Q&A
13:00 14:00 Lunch

Kiri Te Kanawa Theatre — 14.00 – 15:30

14:00 15:30 International Projects & Case Histories Chair: Andreas Raedle,
Co-Chair: Hannes Lagger
14:00 14:20 City Rail Link – a pioneer underground metro project in New Zealand Francois Dudouit
14:20 14:40 Short launch of TBM to overcome economic and logistic difficulties in Sri Lanka David Lees
14:40 15:00 Tunnelling Watercare's Central Interceptor Dimitri Goudelis and Andrew Sorrie
15:00 15:20 Ground Behaviour and Convergence in Tunnelling Projects in Sydney: Lessons Learnt Phil Clark
15:20 15:30 Q&A

Hunua Room — 14.00 – 15:30

14:00 15:30 Geotechnics & Ground Characterisation Chair: David Clague,
Co-Chair: Andy O’Sullivan
14:00 14:20 Stability analysis and rock support design for underground elements of the Kidston Pumped HydroelectricSstorage Project, Queensland Mousa Hazrati Aghchai
14:20 14:40 The use of laser scanning and photogrammetry in remote mapping of rock tunnels Brendan Henry
14:40 15:00 Impact of swelling bedrock on tunnel lining design in Sydney, Australia Justin Arifin
15:00 15:20 Geotechnical conceptual model for Dykes in the Sydney Basin: A proposed classification system for tunnel design Stefano Casartelli
15:20 15:30 Q&A

Waitākere Room — 14.00 – 15:30

14:00 15:30 Digital Engineering Chair: Keith Bannerman,
Co-Chair: Hannah Farrant
14:00 14:20 Parametric analysis of road tunnels in Australia: Effect on support system development and tunnel cross-section area Jurij Karlovsek/I Made Aryatirta Predana
14:20 14:40 Computational modelling in developing digital models of large-scale underground infrastructure projects with a focus on the North East Link Tunnel works packages Elnaz Saninfar
14:40 15:00 Digital engineering delivery - tunnelling projects Mitch Erickson and Kyle Forlong
15:00 15:20 Speedbot and pararanger: Digital tools for parametric analyses Jonathan Baber
15:20 15:30 Q&A
15:30 16:00 Afternoon Tea

Kiri Te Kanawa Theatre — 16.00 – 17:30

16:00 17:30 Caverns Chair: Geoff Archer,
Co-Chair: Rory Bishop
16:00 16:20 Design and construction of a motorway cavern in Faulted Hawkesbury Sandstone Andrew De Ambrosis
16:20 16:40 Real-time monitoring of Melbourne Metro caverns Carl Olsen
16:40 17:00 World War II secrets; Cracroft Caverns risk assessment Jordan Craig
17:00 17:20 Victoria Cross Station cavern rock pillar stability Bernard Shen
17:20 17:30 Q&A

Hunua Room — 16.00 – 17:30

16:00 17:30 Shafts and Pipejacking Chair: Matt Mules,
Co-Chair: Hannah Farrant
16:00 16:20 Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel Project, CBD Station shafts Duncan Swift
16:20 16:40 Shaft selection and construction for Watercare’s Central Interceptor Andy Dodds
16:40 17:00 BP KWOL pipeline relocation - largest brownfield trenchless relocation in Australia Jiang Aizezi
17:00 17:20 Observation and back-analysis for large diameter circular shaft excavation for Snowy 2.0 Project Ivan Ching and Zecheng (Albert) Chen
17:20 17:30 Q&A

Waitākere Room — 16.00 – 17:30

16:00 17:30 Special Session Chair: Andrew Ridout,
Co-Chair: Kaylah Macintosh
16:00 16:20 Managing fire risk for construction of Watercare’s Central Interceptor tunnels Nick Agnew
16:20 16:40 Deep reinforcement learning - tunnel design/construction – is it possible Ted Nye
16:40 17:00 Ferrules for support of tunnel services John Brookes
17:00 17:20 Q&A
18:30 Gala Dinner